Claire Danvers, the main protagonist of the series, is a student at Texas Prairie University. At 16 years of age, she is one of the youngest characters in the series, but is exceptionally intelligent for her age, causing many people (especially vampires) to take a special interest in her. However, her brains are also a cause for many people to dislike and / or misunderstand her.

She is the assistant of Myrnin and was assigned to the job by Amelie, the Founder of Morganville and the oldest vampire in the world (other than Bishop). Claire becomes close friends with Myrnin because of their similar intellectual interests; although their relationship has been strained at points by Myrnin's impulsive, uncontrolled conduct. At one point Bishop takes an unwilling Claire to be his minion, partially as a 'slap' to Amelie. Claire is dating town bad boy Shane Collins, which her parents don't appreciate, stating that they think she is too young to have a boyfriend.


After moving to Morganville themselves, they frequently insist that she move back in with them. Claire is best friends with the town goth, Eve Rosser, (who often calls her 'CB', short for "Claire Bear") and also with musician Michael Glass (who treats her more like a little sister) and enemies with Monica Morrell, who despises and torments her initially but has since developed a grudging respect for her.

From the beginning in Glass Houses, Claire is somewhat naive but as the series moves forward, she quickly shows herself to be tough and clever (if sometimes slightly reckless), and has incorporated herself into Morganville's vampire-ruled world better than most of the other human population. She is well known by vampires and humans alike, sometimes respected and sometimes hated by individuals from both sides as vampires tend to think she is allowed too much liberty (as humans are unofficially considered second-class), and humans often view her as a traitor and puppet of the vampires. And in Last Breath, Clarie was killed by the master draug, Magnus, but the Glass House saved her like it saved Michael. Claire is described as small and short, with brown hair, although towards the end it's described as mostly red than brown thanks to Eve. At the end of Bitter Blood Claire get permission to leave Morganville to go to MIT.