Michael glass

Michael Glass is a Morganville native and owner of the Glass House. His grandfather is Sam Glass. When the series begins, Shane and Eve are already living with Michael when Claire joins them as a fourth roommate. After Michael's mysterious disappearance during the day begins to strain his relationship with his housemates, Michael is forced to explain his strange behavior. After being attacked in his house and left for dead by Oliver (who was attempting to turn him into a vampire, but failed), Michael has become a "part of the house"—he is effectively a ghost, vanishing by day and corporeal at night.

In this state, Michael can draw power from the house itself, making him extremely powerful inside it (while in a corporeal state); however, he cannot leave the house, which leaves him intensely frustrated with his inability to protect his friends when they are out of his reach. To escape this fate, he convinces Amelie to turn him into a vampire, which puts further pressure on his friendship with Shane. Michael is very responsible, mature, and charming, with a kind, noble, generous nature (to the point that he has been described as a boy scout). For all his loving, patient manner he is very protective of his loved ones and quite aggressive when provoked. He is an amazing musician and in the book Kiss Of Death he is offered a record deal, and a chance to leave Morganville for recording. Michael is described as very good looking by many female characters in the series. He is tall, lean built, has blue sincere eyes and blonde hair.